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We are a London based Islamic investment company. We initiate innovative start-up projects and also invest in entrepreneurs and their seed ideas. We offer an honest & and reliable business partnership to business people around the world.

What is 'seed investment'?

Seed Capital Investments Seed investment is ‘early investment, (which is) meant to support the business until it can generate cash of its own, or until it is ready for further investments’. (Wikipedia.org) Investors invest their money in a seed idea & entrepreneur in return for a equity share of the business.
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Our Partners & Investors

Our Seed Investor PartnersOur investors are Muslims & those who invest in halal business ventures. Their investment can range from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, they will only invest in entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to the idea.
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Submit a Business ProposalWe're looking for entrepreneurs who are hard-working, who thoroughly research their business idea, and who exhibit a high degree of competence and demonstrate 100% dependability.
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Our Philosophy

Our Islamic Philosophy

'Sincerity, Clarity & Dependability'

Our business ethics are centred around this saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “An honest and sincere businessman will be raised with the prophets, the siddiqin and the shuhada” (At-Tirmidhi)

We espouse sincerity and truthfulness, clarity in objective and dependability from entrepreneurs and investors in all aspects of business. Read More